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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mattress

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, therefore, a lot of hours are spent on the mattress. However, most people are not just after sleep, but they are also after a good rest throughout the night. Only a great mattress can offer this type of rest. Signs that one needs a new mattress include having backaches, stiffness, and pains when an individual wakes up. Here are some great tips to use when considering getting a new mattress.


It is essential to research online before going shopping for a new mattress. Online resources can be quite helpful in knowing the kind of mattress to be on the lookout for.

Seek the Advice of a Doctor

If a person has a health condition, it is essential to talk to their doctor or their physical therapist to get a recommendation on the type of mattress to choose.

Be on the Lookout for Gimmicks

Watch out for labels such as medically approved or orthopaedic mattress. No medical organization certifies mattresses for them to carry these labels. The mattresses may have orthopedic friendly features, but a medical group does not verify them.

Firm Mattresses Are Not Always the Best for the Back

Most people think that a firm mattress is excellent for the back. However, research shows that the best mattress for lower back pain is a medium firm mattress rather than a firm one. A person needs firm support with a comfortable feel.

Consider Allergens

If a person is sensitive to dust mites, latex, mold, and chemicals or any other common allergen, they should look for a hypoallergenic mattress. There are many options to look out for such as wool and natural latex. Another option can be to invest in a quality mattress cover that will cut down on fungus and bacterial growth.

Doctors advise changing the mattress every eight years. The above tips will be of great use when getting a new mattress. Above everything else, one should ensure that they have done extensive research before deciding which mattress to go for. One can click here for more information.