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Types of Materials That Make Up a Standard Mattress

A variety of materials make mattresses. Knowing what materials are making up the mattresses will help a person know the degree of quality they are purchasing. The materials also determine the quality of rest one will get from the mattress. Here is a list of the most common materials used.

Polyurethane Foam

This material is often referred to as the egg crate, and it is the uppermost part of the mattress. It is essential in adding support and softness to the mattress. Made of a petroleum base, polyurethane which is a volatile organic compound and in most cases has a very strong odor. Also they are highly flammable. To get rid of the odor these foam mattresses have to be aired for about 48 hours.

Memory Foam

Also made with almost the same chemicals as polyurethane but has other chemicals that help it move slower to absorb more pressure. Memory foam mattresses are more durable. Memory foam is also made of volatile chemical and fire barriers.


Standard mattress construction involved latex foam as well as layers. Latex can either be natural, blend or synthetic. Other additives include gelling, foaming and curing agents. The synthetic latex comes from petroleum-based products put together in a lab. It also has a strong odor, but it is not as hazardous as polyurethane foam. Blend latex, on the other hand, is a dense material that retains heat and can either be natural or synthetic. It is often made of toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Blend latex should also be always aired for about 48 hours before use to eliminate the odor.


Feathers are mostly used as mattress toppers, the feathers often from a goose and are used to provide a billowy feel while lying in the mattress. The feathers are quite soft and warm but quite hard to keep them from poking out of the mattress covers

It is essential for one to know the materials used to make a mattress. This helps them make an informed decision while shopping for a new one. Knowing the materials will help one keep away from harmful ones as well as allergic mattress products. An individual can find more info here.